Ryan Jenkins: User Experience Designer and Product Manager

A little background

Hi. I'm Ryan Jenkins, an artist turned web developer turned online marketer. Schizophrenic? Maybe, but I think there's an important connection between all three things. I love creating something from nothing, be it a painting, a clay pot, a web site, or a business.

While I middle school, I received a scholarship to attend the Baum School of Art where I took classes from the award-winning illustrator David Gothard. David taught me to think in ways I hadn't thought before.

When I was fifteen I discovered a site called HTML Goodies where I became fascinated with the process of building web pages. It was pure creation in an exciting new medium. In college I got a job as a web designer/developer for a great little software company called EZ-NetTools. I built well over 50 websites for their customers.

Eventually I got tired of building sites for businesses who had no idea who to do with them so I started doing freelance online-marketing consulting. I taught small businesses how to measure their site's performance and look for opportunities to improve it. After graduation I was offered a job at Mozy Online Backup where I was the full-time PPC and email marketing guy.

What I believe