March 8

The Social Value of Capitalism



I’m very interested in the idea of free markets and whether or not capitalism is the best process for improving the world around us. 

As humans, we hate to feel pain or discomfort. Any time we’re not happy with something, we seek relief. It’s human nature. Cultures are the same. As soon as discomfort enters the picture, someone gets to work looking for a solution. 

When men lived in caves, our primary concern was finding food. Whoever killed an animal had bargaining power and could obtain other things they needed in exchange for some meat. As soon as finding food ceased to be the biggest problem, people began looking for solutions to the biggest remainingproblem. You know, Maslow and all that.

Capitalism is nothing more than a continuation of this same progression. Your biggest problem in life is that you can’t get a good job, so you pay someone to teach you. Now you’re educated, so that pain is behind you but you need a way to get to your new job, so you buy a car. And so forth. It’s a fair exchange. You want the car more than you want to keep your money, and the car dealer wants your money more than he needs that particular car. Everyone is happy. 

Is capitalism perfect? Absolutely not. But I think it’s the best option we have for accomplishing social goals. 

I really want to hear your thoughts on this one. What part do you disagree with?

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Ryan Jenkins

Hi. I'm Ryan Jenkins. I'm a husband, father, mormon, product manager, tech geek, and hamburger lover.

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