February 6

Cord Cutting Pain



There’s no debate, we’re “cord cutters”. In fact, we haven’t had cable since 2007-ish and to be honest, we’ve never really missed it. We spend less time watching whatever junk pops up on the screen (I remember finding myself getting sucked in by The Food Network on a regular basis). We only watch specific shows that we’ve hand picked ourselves. Most of the shows worth watching are available on Hulu or Netflix and if we get really desperate we can always buy an episode here or there on Google Play or Amazon (*blech*). Also, we’re not really into watching sports, so that’s never been an issue. 

But every two years we wonder whether it might be worth getting cable for a month just so we can watch the Olympics. What do you think? Are there good places to watch online yet in 2014?

Update: it never occurred to us that the Olympics are simply broadcast on network television. Problem solved.

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Ryan Jenkins

Hi. I'm Ryan Jenkins. I'm a husband, father, mormon, product manager, tech geek, and hamburger lover.

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