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Sample OGSM table
Apr 24

Startups Should Stop Using OKRs and Shift to OGSMs

There’s a trend in the tech industry toward OKRs for goal alignment. And while OKRs are good, they’re not great. They try to skip directly from objectives to results and don’t flow downward into the organization well. OKRs are helpful but could be better. The OGSM model is copped from the consumer packaged goods (CPG) […]

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Mar 23

Thanks For Your Suggestion

I’d like to share a powerful phrase that will help you set clearer priorities in your life and permanently improve your interactions with the people around you. It will make you a better a better friend, a better father or mother, a better sister or brother, a better son or daughter. It will make you a better […]

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Nov 01

In Defense of the MVP

Most people misunderstand the concept of a “Minimum Viable Product”. They get distracted by the word “minimum” and forget that it also requires the product to be “viable”. This graphic sums up the difference nicely. User centered progression towards a minimum viable product #UX #UCD #process #agile 🙂 — Kara Pastour (@karapastour) October 21, […]

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