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Handmade Door Handles

Something about watching craftsmen make something makes we want to buy it. It’s not just a door handle any more, it’s something that people have labored over to ensure that it’s just right. I really respect that.

Now more than ever?

What compels us to use phrases like, “…greater pressure on margins…”, “…busier than ever…”, or “…less free time nowadays…”?

Is there really a greater pressure on margins now than there was 20 years ago? Are we really busier than we were 50 years ago? Is everything really more amplified now than it was in the past? Or is it just that we’re personally busier than we were when we were kids and there’s more pressure on us individually than there was earlier in our careers?

We have a tendency to use our personal experiences and extrapolate them to apply to the rest of humanity. I’m pretty sure that my great grandfather had tremendous demands on his time. If he wasn’t working in his fields he was losing money. If he accepted a lower margin on his crops, there was one more thing his family had to do without.

Is it appropriate to use terms like these without clear evidence to back them up?

Meat Mountain

Have you heard about Arby’s new “Meat Mountain” sandwich?

  • roast beef
  • angus steak
  • brisket
  • corned beef
  • 3 strips of bacon
  • ham
  • turkey
  • chicken tenders
  • 2 kinds of cheese

It’s pretty much every single kind of meat they have on the menu held together with some cheese.

What do you think? Awesome or nasty?


It’s been a rough few days.

The Happiness Principle

Everyone has the same goal: to be happy. Every single thing you do, every product you purchase, every restaurant you visit, every song you listen to, every place you go is an attempt to increase your happiness.

That’s powerful knowledge. Once you recognize it, it gives you new insight into your own motivations. In any given decision, you’re evaluating which option will contribute to your happiness more. In the most difficult decisions, you’re often forced to choose between something that will provide short-term happiness (e.g., eating that donut or watching that TV show) and something that will contribute to your long-term happiness (e.g., not eating that donut or going for a jog).

It’s critical to be brutally honest with yourself. “Am I trading long-term happiness for short-term happiness?”

Springtime & Old Brick

Just a snapshot I took on my way to work.

You Don’t Actually Care

Stop saying, “I really want to [lose weight, learn to program, take guitar lessons, whatever], but I just don’t have time.” That’s not true at all.

Instead, be honest with yourself and say, “It’d be great to [lose weight, learn to program, take guitar lessons, whatever], but I just don’t want it bad enough to actually do it.”

h/t DHH

5-year Anniversary!

Turns out, I’ve had this blog for 5 years! Yeeouch!

Cord Cutting Pain

There’s no debate, we’re “cord cutters”. In fact, we haven’t had cable since 2007-ish and to be honest, we’ve never really missed it. We spend less time watching whatever junk pops up on the screen (I remember finding myself getting sucked in by The Food Network on a regular basis). We only watch specific shows that we’ve hand picked ourselves. Most of the shows worth watching are available on Hulu or Netflix and if we get really desperate we can always buy an episode here or there on Google Play or Amazon (*blech*). Also, we’re not really into watching sports, so that’s never been an issue. 

But every two years we wonder whether it might be worth getting cable for a month just so we can watch the Olympics. What do you think? Are there good places to watch online yet in 2014?

Update: it never occurred to us that the Olympics are simply broadcast on network television. Problem solved.

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