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Nov 23

Faking It

jackcheng: viafrank: “How do you get those uneven edges in your illustrations?” “I draw them, unevenly.” “What’s the best way to get this to look like it’s cut out of paper?” “Cut it out of paper.” “What typeface are you using? It looks so much like handwriting.” “That’s my handwriting.” These are all real questions […]

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Sep 19

It only costs 42¢ to lose a customer

A couple of friends decided to try a new restaurant yesterday for lunch called DP Cheesesteaks. Bad choice. As it turns out, the food was decent, but the management was horrible. The cashier forgot to give them their drink cups, so after finding a table, one of them went back up to the counter, and grabbed […]

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Sep 17

37signals… don’t fail me now

37signals… don’t fail me now 37signals usually gets user experience design right on the nose, but I just came across their “Page Not Found” page while looking for an old bookmarked link. Thank you for telling me the document isn’t located there anymore. But where did it go and how can I find it?

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Mar 30

Google Has Code Snippets?

Google Has Code Snippets? I just ran across this search results page on Google and happened to notice the “Code Snippet” section. Has that always been there? I know Google has been testing some new “Search Refinement…

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