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Jun 05

Bitcoins and Glasses and Drones (Oh my!)

Nearly two years ago, Marc Andreessen famously stated that “software is eating the world”. At the time, I excitedly agreed. Software companies were all the rage in Silicon Valley. In fact, I still agree with the premise. I love my mobile apps as much as the next person. Software is indeed changing entire industries. But […]

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May 20


Would everyone please pipe down about the Tumblr acquisition? Do you really think Yahoo! will just show up and start changing everything? Have you ever spent a massive amount of money on something really nice and popular with the intent to immediately change it?! That wouldn’t make any sense. Yahoo! wants Tumblr because it is […]

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May 16

Google Hangouts Update

There’s been a lot of buzz today about the many annoucements coming out of Google I/O. One that I’m very excited about is the release of Hangouts, Google’s new unified messaging service. Pulling Gmail Chat, Google Talk, and Google+ chat & Hangouts together is a huge win for users and I’m excited to see it […]

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Apr 08


There’s a simple reason you keep failing at your goals. It’s because you’re lying to yourself. Have you ever asked someone who recently accomplished something impressive how they did it? They probably said something about working really hard, or being extremely fortunate/lucky. They may have mentioned a specific technique they used to get something done. […]

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Apr 04

Be a Craftsman

I feel inspired when I see craftsmen doing what they do best. It reminds me that we’re all craftsmen in our own way. Some of us are spreadsheet ninjas, some are expert videographers, and others are amazing product managers and innovators. No matter what your area of expertise, remember that you’re an artist, and do […]

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Apr 01

You Stink at Goal Setting

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Still going strong? If you’re like most people, the answer is a sheepish “No”. How does that make you feel? Disappointed? Frustrated? Embarrassed? All too often, I think we try to “reach for the stars” and “aim high” when in reality our goals should be more along […]

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Mar 20

Capitalism’s Achilles Heel

A few years back I read an article on Forbes that significantly altered my perspective in relation to how we measure business success. I can’t do the article justice here, (you really need to read it, it will change your perspective,) but suffice it to say that we’ve gotten ourselves into a dangerous habit. In the United […]

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Mar 18

A Primer on Strategy

A Primer on Strategy This is a fantastic article about business strategy. I personally see a lot of similarity between what Steve Jobs did to get Apple back on-track and what Marissa Mayer is doing at Yahoo!.

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Mar 13

Living in the Future

How much more innovation can there be?  Sometimes it feels like we’ve already broken down most of the technological hurdles. If you can imagine something, you can probably build it.  Looking back through history, organizations were hampered by very limited transportation and communication options. Those barriers have largely been demolished. If I need to transport […]

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