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Mar 08

The Social Value of Capitalism

I’m very interested in the idea of free markets and whether or not capitalism is the best process for improving the world around us.  As humans, we hate to feel pain or discomfort. Any time we’re not happy with something, we seek relief. It’s human nature. Cultures are the same. As soon as discomfort enters the […]

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Feb 27

CRM Encompasses Everything

I’m currently studying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and it has significantly altered my perspective on business operations. Marketing is no longer a silo, it’s simply one branch of CRM. Engineering is another branch. Accounting another.  It’s critical to keep in mind that every single thing a business does should revolve around the customer (or, stated […]

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Feb 25

Buy Good Things

This really resonates with me. I think our culture has become so accustomed to running to Walmart and stocking up on cheaply made junk, that we forget there’s another way. What do you think?

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Feb 20

Productivity Via Discomfort

I’ve been learning two very important skills for the last few months, and I’d like to share them. Hopefully you’ll find them useful.  #1: Be a Perpetual Learner Don’t get caught up trying to look like you’re an expert. People love to be recognized for their expertise, and for the most part, people like helping […]

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Feb 05

Renting Culture

Will we actually own anything in the future. We don’t buy movies any more, we just stream them through Netflix.  We don’t buy music any more. We just rent access to our favorite tracks through iTunes or Google Play or we stream them through Spotify/Rdio/Grooveshark.  We don’t buy books any more, we just pay to access Kindle […]

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Jan 29

Google as a Mobile Carrier

I was really excited back in 2010 when Google announced the Nexus One, a pure Android smartphone sold directly by Google and not tainted by any particular carrier. My HTC Droid Incredible as a fantastic phone when it was released, but unfortunately Verizon couldn’t help but put their grubby hands all over it, installing unwanted apps (and […]

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