Google as a Mobile Carrier

I was really excited back in 2010 when Google announced the Nexus One, a pure Android smartphone sold directly by Google and not tainted by any particular carrier. My HTC Droid Incredible as a fantastic phone when it was released, but unfortunately Verizon couldn’t help but put their grubby hands all over it, installing unwanted apps (and not allowing them to be uninstalled).

Sadly, the world America didn’t seem to be quite ready to pay full-price for a handset. In the USA, we’re too accustomed to purchasing subsidized phones that we then (over)pay for through expensive data plans.

Google’s more recent success with Android through devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 gives me new hope though. I would love to see Google purchase a company like Ting or Republic Wireless or partner with someone like Dish Networks or Clearwire and then really make a go at rolling out their own mobile phone service. 

What are your thoughts? Could something like this work? Would you buy-in?

Startups, life, learning and happiness: Your startup is a rocket ship

Startups, life, learning and happiness: Your startup is a rocket ship

Amazon Circumvents Apple?

I just read in Website Magazine that Amazon has figured out a way to circumvent Apple’s App Store fees. It’s nothing too tricky… they’ve simply build an iPad optimized online Kindle Store. When you browse to from your iPad, you’ll be prompted to add the Kindle Store icon to your homescreen. It also lets you access your books via the Amazon Cloud Reader. 

The part of this story that gets me excited is the fact that yet another Internet superpower is using the open web to bypass the proprietary nature of the mobile app ecosystem. I’d like to see more companies doing this. Building an app specifically for iOS or Android should be equivalent to building a website and stating that it’s “best viewed in Internet Explorer”. 

What are some other examples of companies embracing the open web? 


“Lately, I’ve been reading biographies and stories by athletes, business people, and politicians. The one attribute common to all of them is tenacity on a level that most of us can’t even imagine. The problem is that on the surface, we only see the success. We don’t see the work that went into…”

via Garrett Dimon

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