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Beautiful Things Don't Ask for Attention
May 03

Beautiful Things

We watched Walter Mitty last night. It’s a fantastic show that just makes you want to go grab your hiking backpack and start wandering this beautiful world of ours. There was a line near the end of the film that really struck me so I decided to make a couple of graphics out of it. […]

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Sep 19 Redesign Redesign Wow, how’d I miss this news about this? I’m pretty sure someone made an argument like this at some point in the design process — and won: Look, everybody uses the search bar or those big fat categories strung across the top anyway. So, why not have a little fun with the rest […]

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Sep 19

It never ceases to amaze me what creative people can think up. Printing with water. Looks gorgeous. /via brocatus (Source:

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Jul 21


FontFonter simplebits: This is a wonderful tool. Enter a URL and replace its fonts with any of FontFonts web fonts. Hmm, this site looks rather nice with FF Dagny and FF Meta Serif replacing Helvetica and Georgia.

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Apr 12

52 Weeks of UX: The Experience belongs to the User

52 Weeks of UX: The Experience belongs to the User We all like to play God. We like to imagine that the design we create is ushered into the world and all those who use it have an epiphany…they do things exactly in the way we have prescribed. They approach, use, and experience our design […]

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